October 27, 2023: Lightning Round: The Challenges and Opportunities in Conducting Survey Research on Hong Kongers at Home and Abroad

Speaker : Polly Chan, University of California, Berkeley

Speaker : Maggie Shum, Penn State Erie

Speaker : Gary Tang, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

Sept 22, 2023: The Effect of State Repression on Online Dissent: The Case of Hong Kong National Security Law

Speaker : Justin Chun-ting Ho, Amsterdam School of Communication Research

Discussant : Tetsuro Kobayashi, Waseda University

May 12, 2023: Dictator’s Commitment Problem in a Protest-Repression Nexus: Evidence from Hong Kong’s Anti-ELAB Movement

Speaker : Hans Tung, National Taiwan University

Discussant : Eddy Yeung, Emory University

Apr 28, 2023: In Sight, In Mind: Spatial Proximity to Protest Sites and Changes in Peoples’ Political Attitudes

Speaker : Duoduo Xu, University of Hong Kong

Discussant : Ye Wang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mar 17/18, 2023: Violent Repression, Relational Positions, and Emotional Mechanisms in Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Movement

Speaker : Chit Wai John Mok, UC Irvine

Discussant: Ching Kwan Lee, UCLA

Feb 17, 2023: Resistance from Afar: Evolution of Contentious Repertoires in Hong Kong Diaspora’s Transnational Mobilization during the 2019 Anti-ELAB Movement

Speaker : Maggie Shum, Penn State Erie

Discussant : Samson Yuen, Hong Kong Baptist University

Jan 20, 2023: The Logic of Cross-Boundary Actions: Digital Mobilization in the 2019 Hong Kong Social Movement

Speaker : King-wa Fu, University of Hong Kong

Discussant : Ji Yeon Hong, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor